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Empowering women through personal connection, humor, authenticity and really great jewelry.


Mission: It's about feeling great every day.

I make jewelry that’s been Lemon Kissed – sweet with an unexpected twist. I specialize in casual pieces that mix it up, with contrasting colors, textures and patterns. There is one rule. If it makes you feel great - wear it. Because life’s about the unexpected. Right?!

Fun & Fresh Jewelry and Gifts

Lemon Kissed jewelry is hand-crafted, or carefully curated, with attention to detail. Our pieces are small-batch, which keeps the pieces unique and special. We happily stock gifts from other small business makers to bring more fun products for our friends to enjoy. Lemon Kissed stands for communicating our hearts, doing the best we can, embracing just how enough we are. We lift one another up with love, hugs and high fives.

Come as you are, you're welcome here.

Meet Shauna

I am a self-taught jewelry artist and began making what are now my signature flower earrings in 2010. I quickly learned I am happiest when I am creating something beautiful and absolutely love making jewelry that helps others feel that way, too.  

I’m a mama to two handsome boys (Taylor and Carsten) and a wife to my incredibly patient & good-looking husband, Trask. I’m a native Oregonian, born and raised in Eugene and living in Hillsboro since 2005. I cheer for my alma mater, University of Oregon and I’d like to think I bleed yellow and green. I have a knack for making things awkward, but in a fun way, I hope. I take way too many pictures, I'm a sucker for a pun, and I’m unable to pass up a good margarita. I snort when I laugh. Volunteering is my jam. I pet all of the dogs that I possibly can and own 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels named Finn and Honey. My passion for animal rescue brought me my three cat children: Sugar, Cece and Schmidt (yes, named after New Girl).

I’m on a mission to make the world a happier place, even if it’s just a little corner of this wild world.